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Knob double sided APRILE ORTICA R SLIM 7MM LC - polished chrome - turn / turn

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    Polished chrome
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    Round R SLIM 7 mm
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Product Description

APRILE brand represents the highest quality of door knobs, which prioritizes user experience. Models are dedicated to suit vast amount of customers who look for original design at highest level. Surgical precision of finish and outstanding resistance are topped of by carefully crafted design.


Aprile door knobs are equipped with double, self-leveling metal springs, they are mounted to door on metal pins as well. Such attention to details guarantees comfortable usage of every Aprile handle.

The set includes:

- a pair of knobs - left and right; combined with a 7 mm thick rosette;

- 2 pcs of mounting rosettes (mounting adapters);

- a knob spindle with a cross-section of 8x8 mm;

- 2 pcs. M4 through bolts;

- 2 pcs. Allen screws and a 3 mm Allen key;

- a set of wood screws (on special request).


Knobs are dedicated to door leaves with a maximum thickness of 44 mm.


If you require a knob in a different version or an assembly kit for thicker doors, please leave the relevant information along with the leaf thickness in the comments to the order. Then the assembly kit will be adapted to your needs.


New product, manufacturer's warranty 24 months.



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