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Rosette STILE R SLIM 7MM CP - polished chrome WC 4x4

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    Polished chrome
  • Type of rosettes
    Round R SLIM 7 mm
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Product Description

Additional STILE rosettes have precise finish and outstanding durability. This level of craftsmanship was possible due to the fact that they are mounted on metal adapters, additionally pins allow for long and comfortable usage.

Each set contains:

- 2 pcs of 7mm covers
- 2 pcs of mounting rossettes (mounting adapters)
- 2 pcs of M4 through bolts
- set of allen screws with allen key
- toilet knob with spindle (quadratical shape, dimensions 4mm x 4mm, size reduction possible)

Rossettes are dedicated to fit 44mm thick door.

In case of thicker door, please provide us with all the neccesarry descriptions, the mounting set will be adjusted to your needs.

New product, manufacturer's warranty 24 months.


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