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Handle - knob TUPAI 3230/2732 03 - polished chrome PZ

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    Polished chrome
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    Square Q
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Product Description

Set contains:

- a handle and a fixed knob on an divided plate - a knob-handle,

- a spindle combined with an external fixed knob,

- one gasket,

- two M4 screws,

- aditional external rosette for an insert (PZ) with protection,

- two metl internal adapters,

- two overlays,

- two M6 screws,

- one Allen screw,

- 3 mm hex key,

- 4 mm hex key,


The handles are dedicated to doors with a maximum thickness of 68-72 mm. For thicker doors, please contact us to see if we can prepare a special assembly kit for you.


New product, manufacturer's warranty Tupai SA Portugal 24 months



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